With the exponential growth we have witnessed in the world of meme tokens, it has become quite difficult to keep track, hence most investors are missing out on massive gains and the benefits that come with it. Our mission is to get one token to represent all the top meme tokens with the vision of creating one token to govern a digital asset index designed to track the performances of top meme tokens to provide an even platform for growth and for all holders of these tokens to benefit not only from price performance but also rewards that come with combining top meme tokens under one umbrella. For one to be able to capture some of the high gains that have been produced recently by most of the top meme tokens, a lot of investment must be made; not only with money but also time and a bit of technical know-how. CAGE intends to simplify these into it's token mechanism by using smart contracts to create a Meme Index Token that will index the top meme coins and capture some of their independent gains for the C4G3 community and holders.